Upstairs bathroom flooded leaking through ceiling

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Posted on 13-Feb-2020 13:11
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Ceiling leaks from upstairs bathrooms may present themselves as slowly
expanding damp spots making their way across your ceiling, or they may
present as continuous and steady drips. Either one is serious and
demands immediate attention. Before you move on to fixing the leak, the
first thing you’ll have to figure out is what’s causing the leak.
Persistent leaks that have been there a long time can turn into sagging
ceilings, which in turn can turn into a ceiling collapse. You could also
end up dealing with a pervasive mold issue if you don’t take care of the
issue right away. Check out below for some of the most common reasons
for bathroom ceiling leaks.

A ceiling leak can also be caused by leaks in the water supply lines
that attach to the toilet or to the sink trap. The leak may come from
water seeping out at the point where the water supply lines join
together, or maybe the drainpipes’ connector joints aren’t joined
tightly enough. You can try and figure out where the leak is along the
supply lines by touching them to see which parts are damp. If it’s
simply a matter of a loose connection, you can try tightening it. You
may have to replace the whole fitting if that doesn’t work. Make sure
you use the correct installation method for your type of fitting.

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