Selenium Testing training at Futurepoint

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Posted on 21-Oct-2019 17:33
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Selenium Course Content

• Introduction to Automation
• Why and when will we go for Automation
• What is the use of Automation
• What is the difference between Selenium and QTP
About Selenium:
• What is Selenium
• Advantages of Selenium
Different flavours of Selenium:
• Selenium IDE
• Selenium RC
• Selenium Grid
• Selenium Web Driver/Selenium 2.0
Selenium IDE Introduction:
• Downloading and Installing Selenium IDE
• Features of Selenium IDE
• Selenium IDE Icons
• Recording your first test with Selenium IDE
• How to identify elements in webpage using Selenium
• Tools to identify elements/objects
• Firebug
• IE Developer tools
• Google Chrome Developer tools
• Locating elements by ID
• Finding elements by name
• Finding elements by link text
• Finding elements by XPath
• Finding Elements by using CSS
• Summary
Selenium IDE Concepts:
• IDE Context Menu
• Asserting the elements
• Verifying the elements
• WaitFor elements
• Storing the elements
• Adding Selenium IDE comments
• Building Test cases using Selenium IDE
• Synchronization commands
• Working on pages with AJAX
• How to use looping statements like IF, while in IDE with few examples
• Usage of goto commands in IDE
• Capturing screenshots in IDE
• Generating Dynamic values using JS functions
• Usage of JS functions with IDE
• Handling alert messages in IDE
• Creating test suites
• Framework in IDE
• What you cannot record
Selenium IDE Commands:
• goBack, refresh, Enterkey simulation, highlight ..etc.
• Selenium IDE script without record and playback
Java Basics useful for selenium and web driver.
• Class,oops concepts,If,For loop,while,list and iterators
Selenium Remote Control:
• What is Selenium Remote Control
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