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Posted on 2-Nov-2019 8:41
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BW/BI/Real time
Sap introduction, component in Sap, ERP Systems, Introduction to Data Ware House SAP BW OLAP and OLTP systems
Architecture of SAP BW
Flat file Extractions(Work station and application server)-3.X&BI7
• Real time business scenario
• Transactional data extraction from flat files
• Attributes data extraction from flat file (Direct and flexible)
• Text data extraction from flat files (Direct and flexible)
• Hierarchies from flat files.
Generic Extraction3.x&BI7
• Real time business scenario
• Table extraction (Tranctional,Attribues and Text).
• View Function module
• Sap query(Info set) Domain
• Delta mechanism for Transactional and master data sources
• Types of delta specific fields
Business content and technical content 3.x&BI7
• Real time business scenario
• Text Attributes, Hierarchies and Transactional data sources activation.
• BW objects activation
• BEX object action
• Technical content use and Activation, Administrative cockpit
• Complete cycle activation in one application area
• Real time business scenario
• Lo-cockpit extraction in implementation time
• Lo-cockpit enhancement and precautions
• Data flow from ECC to BW
• Systems downtime activities for cock data sources.

FI-SL &COPA Extractions
• Real time business scenario
• Step by step approaches to implement F1 SL and COPA
Data mart Extractions 3.xand BI
• cube to cube, info spoke, Openhub destination and services
• ODS to Cube Delta mechanism.
• Administration and data warehouse workbenches
• Creation of info cubes(detail level concepts, different cubes)
• Creation of ODS and DSO, Modeling and remodeling, partitioning and repartioning.
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