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Posted on 3-Nov-2019 14:41
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Oracle RAC ( 11g, 12c)

1. Introduction
• What is a ClusterOracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)
• Advantage of using RAC
• Clusters High Availability, Scalability and Performance
• Oracle Real Application Clusters Architecture
• Cache fusion
• Multi instance transaction behaviour
• Extra background process in RAC
2. Installation of Oracle Clusterware (CRS) and configuration
• Oracle RAC 10g Installation: Outline
• Pre-Installation Tasks
• Hardware Requirements
• Network Requirements
• The oracle User Environment Setup & User Shell Limits
• Linux Operating System Parameters
• Cluster Setup Tasks
• Storage for Cluster
• Oracle Cluster Registry File
• Voting Disk File
• Verifying the Oracle Clusterware Installation
• Cluster verify utility (CLUVFY)
3. ASM with RAC
• ASM Overview
• Installation of ASM Instances
• Managing ASM Disk Groups and Instances.
• ASM Instance and Crash Recovery in RAC
4. RAC Software Installation & Database Creation
• Oracle database software installation
• Cluster database creation
• Post installation tasks
5. Oracle Clusterware Administration & Debugging
• Oracle Cluster registry (OCR)
• Voting disk
• VIP Addresses
• Debugging Clusterware log files
• Workload distribution
• Transparent application failover

6. RAC Administration
• Starting and Stopping RAC Instances
• Creating and Registering Instances
• Transparent Application Failover (TAF)
• Database files with RAC
• Temporary table space monitoring
7. RAC Services
• What is a Service
• Transparent application failover
8. Performance Monitoring
• Finding & Monitoring the Sessions
• Session

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