Kirlian Photography centre in Indira Nagar

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Posted on 27-Sep-2019 7:34
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Kirlian Photography centre in Indira Nagar
Shri Narendra Modi Science has proved that our AURA has the power to determine our health in Future Disease.
Get a Holistic View of Your Well-Being with Kirlian Photography

The Ten fingers are excited by Energy field and software generates report for Aura, Stress and Sketches of 12 Meridians and 52 Health aspects.
The Human Energy image, which we create in Bio-Well instrument is based on ideas of Traditional Chinese Medicine and verified by 18 years of clinical experience by hundreds of Medical Doctors with many thousands of patients. The BIO-Well scanning process is quick, easy and non-intrusive.

Provides you information about health issues:

 Give you self Healing techniques to cure yourself.
 Guidance on food and Nutrition
 Guidance Protecting your kidneys, Prostate, Gall Bladder and Liver
 Methodology for achieving normal Vitamin D Level

Integrative Remedies.,
Narain: 98441 72104 / 98450 25795

Address 501, 3rd cross, 7th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Bangalore - 560 038 Karnataka, India.