Bathroom water leakage Repair

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Posted on 12-Feb-2020 7:30
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The Bathroom water leakage is frequently exposed to moisture, failure to
waterproof it could lead to major problems. Natural movement happens to
bathroom construction materials. Since the materials are made of clay
and tiles, they could increase in size, affecting the groups and causing
the tiles to shift. A Bathroom would also rapidly change its
temperature, not and cold showers could pay on the temperature within
minutes. This could also trigger contraction and expansion in tiles. If
the waterproof membrane cannot adapt to the changing sizes and moment of
the tiles, it could snap. One way to check if your tiles have shifted or
movement is by drumming or rapping your tiles. If they are making a
hollow sound, then it is possible that the waterproofing membrane is no
longer attached to the tiles.

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