2D/3D Animated explainer videos in Bangalore

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Posted on 6-Nov-2019 7:47
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2D animation works best for simple, straightforward projects where there's no reason to step too far outside the box.
This isn't a bad thing either. Some productions don't need any flair or fancy moves to communicate effectively, especially in the case of serious topics or concepts that function best with clarity in mind.
If turnaround time is an issue, 2D animation is usually the right choice too. Far easier to produce, edit, and adjust than the more sophisticated options, it's possible to create a professional, impactful video in next to no time.
2D animation certainly has a time and a place. It’s commonplace for explainer videos that require a crystal clear message and corporate videos that must quickly get to the point.
3D animation is a younger and more complex version of its seasoned sibling that provides a distinctive twist on traditional concepts. It bridges the gap between the possible and the impossible, occupying the space where 2D animation and live-action fall short.

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